About us

Our factory and central kitchen manufactures noodles and provide island wide delivery to our customers. We do customized service for our customers. We are Halal certified.

In 2009, Five Food Path revamp an ailing Noodles manufacturer and turn it around into a successful Noodles wholesale supplier. Today, we operate a fleet of 12 trucks doing noodles wholesale and other food products to island-wide food stalls, restaurants, eateries, canteen and many other f&b operators. We have a team of excellent planners in fleet management therefore we are able to deliver orders the very next day if they placed order before 8pm daily. Our service efficiencies and quality of our noodles products had gain loyalty from many customers over the years. We have perfected the manufacturing of ramen from a japanese chef who came to mentor our team on the formulation, thus our end product is of high quality and good taste.